The ICO keeps making headlines with changes to UK data protection measures. Read about their newest plan to get rid of cookie popup madness.

The UK’s Data Protection Chief, Elizabeth Denham, recently for browser-level privacy controls to tackle ‘cookie fatigue’ from countless cookie pop-ups in countries where…

Can companies operating in the EEA use U.S. cloud infrastructure providers and be compliant with the GDPR? Hint: It’s not a yes or no answer.

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International transfer of data: A hot topic in the data protection realm

There is an ongoing discussion on whether or not European companies that use U.S. cloud infrastructure providers, such as AWS and Microsoft Cloud, are compliant with Chapter 5 of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which specifies different conditions to be met for international transfers of personal data to…

We have spoken with three people from the VC investment and accelerator world about this topic, giving us an insight how investors perceive ‘data privacy’ at different growth stages of a start-up in different markets.

Compliance with data protection regulations such as the European GDPR or the Brazilian LGPD aren’t…

Virginia has passed a new consumer privacy law, the CDPA. Read this article to learn what the regulation means for businesses.

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What is the Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act?

The Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act or VCDPA is a new data privacy bill that has passed legislation and which will regulate how personal data can be processed and…

How well are SME’s positioned to comply with privacy regulations such as the GDPR and LGPD?

SME’s struggle the most applying the GDPR

Small- and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) are the backbone of the European economy. …

Adapting the PESTEL framework, a tool commonly used in business strategy, we consider a range of macro events and how they may influence the world of data privacy in the foreseeable future.

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2020 has been eventful, at least. With a year that has brought a lot of change to many for us, the privacy profession and field has not been spared by it. Quite the opposite. As whole countries went into working-from-home mode and governments fired new responses to COVID-19 in form…

How data privacy impacts adoption of Smart Home devices and services

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You wake up to your alarm.

Your AI assistant wishes you a good morning, tells you about the weather forecast, any meetings you have for the day and that the bathroom has been heated up to your preferred temperature for your morning shower.

As you prepare your breakfast, your fridge lets you know that you’re soon…

GDPR compliance doesn’t have to be complicated. Get started with these 5 steps.

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A research by GDPR.EU found that over 50% of SME’s were still not GDPR compliant as per May 2019. While the GDPR was mostly dreaded by (tech) giants, time has shown that the regulation is much more of a burden for small businesses. Most don’t have the budget to spend…

I read “Trusted Data” a MIT Connection Science and Engineering book. This is a brief summary of their revolutionary framework for an Internet of Trusted Data.

Source: SP, 2020, “Trusted Data — A New Framework for Identity and Data Sharing” Cover

Trusted Data — A new Framework for Identity and Data Sharing edited by Thomas Hardjono, David L. Shrier and Alex Pentland introduces a revolutionary architecture and framework to build the Internet of Trusted Data.

New study from Cisco shows companies see positive results for investing in data privacy.

Source: Cisco 2020, Data Privacy Benchmark Study

As consumers become more aware of the value of their personal data and countries are implementing their version of data privacy regulations, we’ve been reading a lot about businesses struggling to cope with it, as they had to invest large sums of money, time and resources into their data privacy…

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